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  • 20.12.2019 13:54

Wreckfest: Holiday-Update und neues DLC veröffentlicht

Bugbear Entertainment liefert mit einer neuen Erweiterung und dem Holiday-Update ein vorzeitiges Weihnachtspräsent an die Wreckfest-Community

(MST/Speedmaniacs.de) - Für Wreckfest-Spieler war schon in dieser Woche Bescherung. Denn THQ Nordic und Bugbear Entertainment haben nicht nur das Modified Monsters Car Pack veröffentlicht, welches einzeln für 3.99 EUR angeboten wird und Bestandteil von dem Season Pass ist, sondern auch ein großes "Holiday-Update" welches für alle Plattformen (PC, PS4, Xbox One) bereitsteht.


Das Holiday-Update bringt neue Features und zwei neue Strecken Zoom

Mit dem Update auf die Version 1.20 gibt es nicht nur die beiden neuen Strecken Hellride und Vale Falls Circuit sondern auch neue Features wie eine Abstimmfunktion über die gewünschte Strecke im Multiplayermodus, von Spielern gehostete öffentlichte Server, die Möglichkeit in einer Multiplayerlobby auch die Fahrzeuge anpassen zu können, grundlegende Performanceverbesserungen und verschiedene Bugfixes über die im Detail das Änderungsprotokoll Auskunft gibt.

Wreckfest - Holiday Update-Hotfix-Changelog:
-Server no longer crashes when someone quits while receiving damage.
-Server config settings now work properly for the first event.
-Optimization of Hellride and Vale Falls.
-collisionmatrix_race.clmx is now a loose file.

Wreckfest - Holiday-Update V1.20-Changelog:
-Added two new tracks: Hellride & Vale Falls Circuit
-Added support for DLC Modified Monsters Car Pack

-(XB1/PS4) Users can create a public lobby which is visible in the server browser for everyone and has a maximum cap of 16 players
-It's now possible to change (and purchase) vehicle upgrades and paint job directly in the lobby
-Implemented track voting. If voting is enabled, clients vote on the next event after they're back in the lobby after event results, choosing from previous event again, or one of two other events from the current rotation
-Improved prediction precision of suspension geometry and steering, enhancing gameplay experience especially with high latency
-(PC) Voting can be enabled and disabled in the server config (please see the example config for more information)
-(PC) A dedicated server can be now excluded from being joined by users entering Quick Match by using "exclude_from_quickplay=0" server setting
-(PC) Client is no longer kicked out of multiplayer when connection to Steam is lost

-Ragdolling no longer results in the player being wrecked; instead, the ragdoll can be reset back in the vehicle by using the reset button
-A vehicle that has just been reset is now visualized in ghost mode
-Limousine car is now slightly weaker
-Chase camera now avoid clipping into vehicles and zooms closer whenever a vehicle is right behind the player to make sure the view is not obstructed
-Camera no longer snaps into a position due to a bottom collision to the car
-Transitioning into and out of camera look-around mode is now seamless
-Backfire pop now works on AI and remote cars as well
-The wheels from Steel & Wheels DLC now have correct physical properties including mass
-The window bars from Steel & Wheel DLC are now correctly hidden when using the cockpit camera
-Roadslayer window mesh now has the correct weight
-Improved Sofa Car handling

-Reset button key is now correctly hidden while holding reset button.
-High ping warning message is no longer stuck on the screen after leaving multiplayer.
-Quit prompt is now correct cleared after the event starts in case it was open in lobby.
-Added a slight delay to the end of the Last Man Standing so that's it not as abrupt.

-Various stability and performance improvements.
-On Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, the title automatically renders in 4K or HD resolution depending on the resolution of the attached display.
-The game no longer sporadically crashes to "Out of Index Buffer Memory" during multiplayer.
-The game no longer crashes when equipping "Racing Wing" on the Warwagon while trunk lid has been removed by another upgrade.
-(XB1) Steering wheels are now correctly reactivated, making it unnecessary to unplug the device and then plug it back in.
-(PC) The game no longer crashes to "Could not open file for writing: save/settings.conf" when settings file is invalid.
-(PC) The game no longer crashes upon launching when certain input devices are plugged in.
-Implemented wheel hub collisions.

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