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  • 20.09.2020 · 10:10

RaceRoom Racing Experience: DTM 2020 und neue Version V0.9.1.7 und V0.9.1.6

Die PC-Rennsimulation RaceRoom Racing Experience hat in dieser Woche weitere Updates erhalten und ermöglicht nun auch Rennen in den DTM 2020-Fahrzeugen - Infos, Screenshots und Trailer

(MST/Speedmaniacs.de) - Sector3 Studios hat am Mittwoch die neue Version (2,1 GB) für RaceRoom Racing Experience veröffentlicht. Diese steht ganz im Zeichen der Erweiterung um die DTM 2020 mit allen Teams, Fahrern und der realistischen Wiedergabe der Serie mit authentischem Sound, Fahrzeugphysik, DRS und Push-To-Pass-Regeln.

RaceRoom Racing Experience

DTM-Fans können jetzt in RaceRoom die Saison 2020 bestreiten Zoom

An die 30 Screenshots zur DTM 2020 und der DTM Car Pack 2020-Trailer stellen das im spieleigenen Onlineshop derzeit für 11.97 EUR angebotene Add-on mit bildgewaltigen Eindrücken vor. Neben der DTM 2020 gibt es noch überwiegend Verbesserungen im Bereich Shared Memory sowie bei einigen Strecken und kleinere Anpassungen in anderen Dingen.

Mit dem am Freitag bereitgestellten Update auf Version (130 MB) werden die DRS-Aktivierungsregeln angepasst und kleinere Korrekturen bei der AI, dem Audi RS 5 DTM 2020, der Strecke Suzuka und bei dem Dedicated Server umgesetzt.

RaceRoom - V0.9.1.7-Changelog:
-DTM 2020 - Modified DRS activation limits regulation, following this formula:

([Expected amount of laps] / 2 ) x 3

If the driver chooses to use DRS in a lap but does not use all 3 activations, the remaining activations will go to waste and be withdrawn from the total.

The data display will show:

[DRS available this lap] / [Maximum activations for the race]#u
Here is an example scenario for a 60 laps race:#u

--- Lap 2 ---
3 / 90 // Activates DRS
2 / 89
---- Lap 3 ---
3 / 87 // Activates DRS
2 / 86 // Activates DRS
1 / 85
--- Lap 4 ---
3 / 84
--- Lap 5 ---
3 / 84 // Activates DRS
2 / 83 // Activates DRS
1 / 82 // Activates DRS
0 / 81
--- Lap 6 ---
3 / 81

-AI - In DTM 2020, if the AI chooses to use DRS once in a lap, it will try and use all 3 activations in the same lap.
-Audi RS 5 DTM 2020 - Fixed flipped image in side mirror.
-Suzuka - Fixed a TV camera located above the bridge that was not properly triggering
-Modified some in-game advertising banners and liveries in preparation for upcoming events.
-Dedicated server - Fixed an issue with importing result files that was caused by a change in timestamp formatting.

RaceRoom - V0.9.1.6-Changelog:
-DTM 2020 uses a specific Push to Pass regulation:
One activation per lap for a maximum of 24 race laps.
Push to Pass is not available in the first lap.
Push to Pass is not available to the race leader. (A race leader is determined at the crossing of each track sector and not only at the start/finish line)
Push to Pass is available regardless of the gap to the car in front of you.
-DTM 2020 uses a specific DRS regulation: 3 activations per lap for a maximum number of activations set to half the expected amount of race laps (rounded up). (i.e.: a 18 laps race will give you a maximum of 9 activations, and since you can activate it 3 times per lap, you can run out of DRS within only 3 laps).
DRS is not available in the first lap.
DRS is not available to the race leader. (A race leader is determined at the crossing of each track sector and not only at the start/finish line)
DRS is available regardless of the gap to the car in front of you.
-DTM 2020 Physics evolution after driver feedback.
-DTM 2020 drivers now have real helmets designs and racing suits.
-Physics engine - Added simulation of Anti-Lag System, used in DTM 2020 for now. This comes with specific sound samples triggered under coasting. The system will propagate to relevant cars in future updates.
-Launch Control logic modification - Launch Control will no longer automatically upshift for the player.
-Options menu - Added a toggle for TV Camera tracking lag.
-Shared Memory - Added Pit Stop Minimum Duration and Pit Stop Minimum Duration Time left
-Shared Memory - Added the Incident Point limit before DQ.
-Shared Memory - Removed information from opponents current incident points as it could lead to behavioral change near players close to limit
-Shared Memory - Player's Incident points suffers from a known issue where it's not updating properly. It will be fixed soon
-Sounds - Reduce volume of sound effects from underbody scraping the tarmac, improved their variety.
-Fixed DRS regulation that affected other cars equipped with the system and limited the amount of activations since the last update.
-Formula RaceRoom 90 - Added some backfires that were missing
-Brands Hatch - Updated the track to its 2020 state.
-Circuit Zandvoort - Moved the time attack spawn location further back to better allow reaching of maximum speed.
-Dubai GP and Club - Some track limit adjustments to make it more strict. (Cleared leaderboard laptimes for those)
-Motorland Aragón - AI improvements
-Red Bull Ring - Updated the track to its 2020 state
-Suzuka - Updated the track to its 2020 state

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