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  • 07.11.2021 · 10:28

Automobilista 2: Viele Verbesserungen mit V1.2.5.1, Vorbereitungen für den Jahresausklang

Reiza Studios arbeitet bereits am großen November-/Dezember-Update, betreibt aber unbeeindruckt weiter Produktpflege und hat die Versionen und kürzlich mit vielen Überarbeitungen bereitgestellt

(Motorsport-Total.com) - Obwohl Automobilista 2 über den Oktober hinweg eine Reihe von Updates erhalten hat, hat Reiza Studios zum Ausklang das "Monatsupdate" am vorletzten Oktobertag veröffentlicht. Große Neuerungen gibt es, abgesehen von neuen Fahrzeugdesigns für den Metalmoro MRX P4, nicht. Stattdessen liegt der Fokus auf den schon vom Entwicklerteam bekannten Bugfixes und Überarbeitungen.

Automobilista 2

AMS2 hat im Oktober eine ganze Reihe von Updates erhalten Zoom

Auf die am 30. Oktober 2021 veröffentlichte Version folgte nur einen Tag später ein Hotfix mit weiteren kurzfristig nötigen Korrekturen. Am Mittwoch, 3. November 2021 wurde schließlich die Version freigegeben, welche weitere Verbesserungen enthält. Der Großteil des Teams arbeitet derweil schon an den großen November-/Dezember-Updates zu denen es in Kürze einige Informationen geben soll. Bis dahin lassen sich die jüngsten Änderungen anhand der nachfolgenden Übersichten studieren.

Automobilista 2 - V1.2.5.1-Changelog:
UI and HUD
-Added chat box to Monito
-Fixed pit entry on Donington GP track map

-Super V8: Revised tire tread, aero and inertia
-Minor tire tread adjustments to GT3, GT4, GT5, F-V10 Gen1, F-Reiza Porsche Cup, F-Classic (all gens)
-Slightly reduced overall draft effects
-Adjusted brake torque for GTE cars, SuperV8
-Revised water displacement rate of wet and intermediate compounds (slightly less in wet tires, more in intermediates for overall smaller gap between them)
-F-V10 Gen1: Further front wing adjustments
-Mclaren 720S: Revised 1st and final drive ratios
-Altered AI initialization to prevent performance in the whole session being limited by the starting session conditions
-Fixed AI using incorrect throttle map in some vehicles
-AI calibration pass for F-V0 Gen1, F-Reiza, GT3, Super V8
-Spa-Francorchamps 1993/2020: Improved AI performance thru Eau Rouge and Radillon
-Kansai: Improved AI behavior leaving West layout garage stalls; Increased West layout max AI opponents to 17

-Buskerud: Fix physical terrain near start/finish tire wall; Minor performance optimizations

-Revised exhaust backfiring parameters

Automobilista 2 - Small hotfix 31.10.2021-Changelog:
-Further minor tire tread adjustments to DPi, P1 F-V10 Gen1, F-Classics and Porsche Cup
-Slightly revised front splitter pitch sensitivity of GT1 / Group C (all models), Trucks (all models), all Proto classes, Sprint Race, Ultima GTR, Mclaren 720S, Omega 1999, Opala 86 and Corvette C8-R
-Adjusted LODs for various trackside objects at Nurburgring, Silverstone, Spielberg
-Kansai: Fixed pitwall strange collision; adjusted LODs for various trackside objects

Automobilista 2 - V1.2.5.0-Changelog:
-Fixed incorrect environment values on session results screen
-Updated recent historic weather data for all other locations

UI and HUD
-Made ICM Value adjustment inputs continuous
-Explicitly display 'NO' when a vehicle has no factory fitted electronic aids
-Removed 'Sync to Race' weather progression and replaced with 'Real Time' as default option in Test Day
-Changed replay fast forward rewind speed steps and added UI indicator of current speed
-Added an on screen message when mandatory pit window opens
-Fixed incorrect weather dates used for custom championship pre-race sessions.

-Minor tire tread adjustments to Porsche Cup, F-Classics Gen1 and 2, Group C, F-V10 Gen1, F-Reiza Opala 1986 / Omega 1999 Stock Cars
-Further crankshaft mass fine-tuning to Group C, F-Classic (all gens), F-V12, F-V10, F-Reiza
-Further revised slick tread sensitiveness to water to minimise chances of tires becoming unusable past a certain threshold of saturation
-Minor adjustments to diffuser center of pressure in all F-Classics, F-V10 Gen1 and Mclaren MP4-12
-Group C: Minor adjustments to default diff coast ramps on both cars; Fixed Sauber C9 clutch slipping on upshifts

-Fixed an issue that could lead to AI lifting in straights for very tiny invisible amounts of surface water
-Adjusted AI puddle lifting logic to better account for puddle depth
-Fixed an issue where some vehicles wouldn't receive blue flags in some specific places (Curitiba main straight for example)
-Fixed some AI vehicles would enter hotlap behaviour as soon as they left pits in qualy/practice instead of entering outlap behaviour
-Made AI work harder to avoid the passing cars lane under blue flag conditions
-Increased distance AI cars under blue flag will factor cars behind to move out of the way
-Velocitta: AI tweaks (less apex grass trimming and sausage surfing)

-Velocitta: Fixed hole in grass, uneven terrain under garage tents leading to cars; cleaned up garage positions
-Spa 1993: Revised track cut limits at bus stop chicane. Remove grass crete at 2nd apex
-Long Beach: Added new csm wall (fixing sidewalk curb at pit lane exit causing strange collision)
-Snetterton: Fixed strange pit wall collision; TSO lod pass; Reduced armco shimmering; Enabled start lights
-Brands Hatch: Fixed strange pit wall collision
-Fixed latitude/longitude of Nordschleife and Londrina resulting in slightly innacurate Real Weather data

-BMW M3 E30: Fixed internal windscreen banner for cars Nr57 Nr58
-Metalmoro MRX P4: Added 6 new liveries

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