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  • 25.04.2021 · 12:25

Automobilista 2: Neue Version mit vielen Verbesserungen und Brabham BT46B

Seit Kurzem steht für Automobilista 2 ein neues Update bereit welches nicht nur den klassischen Rennboliden Brabham BT46B hinzufügt, sondern auch in allen wesentlichen Bereichen mit Verbesserungen aufwartet

(MST/Speedmaniacs.de) - Rund um die Monatsmitte hat Reiza Studios für die PC-Rennsimulation Automobilista 2 ein neues Update herausgegeben. Damit erweitert das brasilianische Studio die Fahrzeugauswahl in der F-Retro Gen2-Klasse um den Brabham BT46B. Inhaltlich gibt es darüber hinaus keine weiteren Neuerungen, dafür weist das Änderungsprotokoll aber eine Vielzahl an Verbesserungen aus.

Automobilista 2

Der Brabham BT46B in AMS2 Zoom

Wie sich der Übersicht entnehmen lässt, haben die Entwickler bei Benutzeroberfläche, HUD, Physik und KI ein paar Überarbeitungen und Korrekturen vorgenommen. Gleiches gilt auch für die Strecken und Autos. Auch wenn einzelne Änderungen für sich genommen nicht besonders aufregend sind, tragen diese insgesamt zu einem "runderen" Spielerlebnis bei.

Automobilista 2 - V1.1.4.0-Changelog:
-Added Brabham BT46B to F-Retro Gen2 Class

-Added new MAX AVAILABLE setting to Custom Event Opponents screen to limit number of AI opponents according to the number of liveries in the selected car or class
-Excluded player livery from AI selection when enough liveries are available to not have duplicates
-Added support to disable pitstop refueling for series that don´t allow it

UI and HUD
-Added extended vehicle information to loading screen
-Fixed selected state opacity on various start buttons
-Extended pause menu and added full size photo and replay buttons
-Added scrolling to long help texts in vehicle Set-up screen.
-Fixed gear tacho gear indicator not changing colour at redline.
-Merged / rearranged car info widget into a single element
-Adjusted colours/opacity of some car info elements to improve legibility.
-Fixed pit/formation speed limit and cooldown lap notice not enabled by default in some modes.
-Fixed over-sized container on relative times widget.
-Fixed inability to enable relative times widget in light mode HUD editor.
-Restyled custom event session selection.
-Fixed menu/weather input registration on practice/qualifying session settings.
-Restyled HUD pit board
-Fixed start new championship list always displaying selected state
-Fixed help text alignment on session settings and custom event opponents pages
-Fixed Opponent Number Type option not persisting across opponents dialog launches.
-Enabled localisation for loading screen tips

-Revised unsprung mass values (spindles and wheels) for all cars to correct minor discrepancies
-Minor tire tread adjustment to F-Retro, F-Vintage
-Disabled pitstop refuelling in F-Reiza, F-Ultimate
-Adjusted default coast differential ramp angles in F-Retros / MRX / Camaro SS
-Minor F-Retro Gen1 / Gen 2 aero revisions
-Added longer final gear ratio for F-Retro cars (all models)
-Sigma P1: Increased default preload, increased default final gear ratio
-F-Classic: Increased minimum front ride height
-Porsche GT3-R: Reduced minimum rear ride height
-F-Retro: Revised suspension rates
-Reduced gearbox wear in sequential and semi-auto boxes
-Reduced 1970s Cosworth DFV RPM critical range for engine life time
-Added blown diffuser emulation to F-Reiza
-Adjusted front wing max height for F-Retros, F-V10 Gen1
-Adjusted critical RPM range for engine lifetime in GT1, GT3, GT4 cars
-GT5 AI calibration pass
-AI callibration pass for Ginetta G40 Cup, GT5, F-Retro Gen1, Gen2, Mini UK and Stock Car 2020 / 2021
-Minor adjustments to AI awareness vs player car

-Added initial logic for loading trackside crowd / objects according to session type (initial implementation covers only 2D crowd which now does not show in test day / practice sessions)
-Spielberg Historic: Increased supported grid size to 20; Fixed crowds season (summer to spring)
-Londrina (Long/Short): Update curb mapping to support new colors texture; Performance pass reduce draw calls 15%; Reworked sponsor adverts on temp stands
-Goiania: Performance pass reduced draw calls 40%
-Interlagos (GP/kart): Performance pass reduce draw calls 30%; New pit lane path for GP layout
-Jacarepagua Historic: Fixed broken normals on mountain treeline; Additional performance tweaks (draw call/chunk size); Fix podium LOD popping; deleted cones in middle of the road in Oval layout; adjusted pitlane path exit to minimise chances of AI crashing
-Hockenheim Historics: Conform render to reduced road noise; Performance pass reduced draw calls by 35%; Improved livegrass texture
-Imola 1988: Performance pass reduced draw calls by 28%; Fix a few minor object LOD popping;
-Added missing start lights
-Cascavel: Minor advert tweaks
-Added VR cams for Oulton Park, Goiania, Velocittá and Velopark
-Reduced or removed chance of fog / foggy rain in random weather depending on track

-F-Classic: Fixed wheels offset in suspension animations; Added camber values to the suspension animation in G1M1, G2M1, G2M3
-F-Reiza: Added camber values to the suspension animation
-F-Ultimate 2019: Added camber values to the suspension animation
-F3 F309: Fixed visual artifacts in rear suspension; Added camber values to the suspension animation; Adjusted the graphic offset
-Stock Car 2021: Updated liveris fro Julio Campos, Rafael Suzuki, Bruno Baptista
-Added period-accurate driver helmets, suits and gloves to F-Retros, F-Classics and F-V12 (WIP and still with generic textures, further customization soon to come)
-Corrected Lotus 79 RPM shift light range
-Fixed F-Reiza cockpit antenna
-Brabham BT44: Fixed shift warning light
-Karts and Trucks: Corrected normal map size

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