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  • 21.04.2018 · 09:23

Wreckfest: April-Update, Releaseversion naht

Bugbear Entertainment liefert eine neue Version und gibt in Vorbereitung der finalen Release-Version von Wreckfest den Gamern die Chance ihre Meinung mitzuteilen

(MST/Speedmaniacs.de) - Neuer Monat, neues Update für Wreckfest. Im April liefern die Entwickler aus Finnland zum Action-Rennspiel viele die Benutzbarkeit und das Gameplay betreffende Verbesserungen und stellen eine Kurzstreckenroute für die Strecke Tarmac 1 und weitere Teile für die Fahrzeugindividualisierung zur Verfügung. Der Patch ist via Steam bereits verfügbar und wird bei bestehender Onlineverbindung automatisch heruntergeladen.


Bis zur Release-Version wird es wohl nicht mehr lange dauern Zoom

Außerdem kündigt man an, dass es eine neue Umfrage geben wird, bei der die an dem Test der Steam-Early-Access-Version teilnehmenden Spieler ihre Meinung äußern dürfen. Dieses Feedback wird Bugbear Entertainment auswerten und basierend darauf zusammen mit dem Publisher entscheiden woran man noch unbedingt vor dem finalen Release arbeiten muss und was man eventuell im Zuge der üblichen Produktpflege als Update später nachschieben kann oder möglicherweise nicht umgesetzt wird. So oder so, stehen die Zeichen nun auf einem nahenden Ende der Entwicklungsphase.

-AI now uses El Matador in Class B too.
-Added more customization parts for KillerBee, Tristar, Rammer, Gremlin.
-Added a new paintjob for the lawnmower, improved paintjobs for El Matador and Roadcutter.
-Added reverse routes for Mixed 5 Outer Loop and Mixed 5 Inner Loop.
-Added a short route for Tarmac 1, both forward and reverse layouts.
-Added and adjusted the start/finish lines for a number of tracks.
-Improved environment art on a number of tracks.
-Improved static cubemap locations on a number of tracks.
-Balanced texture luminance ranges on a number of assets.

-Fixed a particle system related crash.
-Implemented shaded particles (particles are now darker when in the shade).
-Implemented free camera smoothing.
-Added sharpening and vignette post-processing effects.
-In Dirt Speedway Figure 8 (possibly affecting other tracks as well), a wrong way indicator is no longer incorrectly displayed right after start.
-In Custom Event and MP, the game now tries to pick a unique paint job for the AI player if available.
-Grid start points are now created dynamically (work-in-progress, minor glitches possible especially in MP).
-MP: It's now possible to disallow the use of special vehicles (lawnmower) on a server.

-Folk racing style start is now used on a number of tracks that support it (i.e. they have a dedicated start area).
-Improved lawnmower handling and gameplay.
-Adjusted reverse gear ratios so that they match between different vehicles.
-Contact timer is no longer used in deathmatch.
-Improved AI aggression: AI now employs increased situational awareness to decide when to ram another car. On Novice AI Difficulty, the AI is more aggressive towards each other and less towards the player, while on Expert AI Difficulty the AI is more aggressive towards the player and less against other AI players.
-In demolition derby, the AI is now less inclined to use reverse whenever the front of the car is damaged.
-In demolition derby, if only one or two AI players are left they no longer only circle around the player like idiots.
-AI now takes the loop in Crash Canyon only in one direction to prevent the traffic from piling up.
-Automatic reversing camera is now enabled by default in derby game modes.
-In HUD, reset prompt is now displayed automatically when driving into a wrong direction or out of track.
-In race game modes, reset is now only allowed when vehicle speed is 10 km/h or less to discourage exploiting.
-In Grass Arena, hay bales no longer appear weightless when hit.

-Adjusted a number of career series, especially in championships 3-5.
-The post-race rewards screen is now only shown if the player actually receives a reward, instead of every time.
-The post-race experience screen is no longer displayed if the player abandons the event.
-Weather no longer changes every time when restarting the event.
-A series is now considered (and marked) completed only if player receives points from it.
-Championship progress bar now only goes up until the unlock points for the new championship have been reached.
-In vehicle selection, ineligible vehicles are now grayed out so it's easier to pick out an eligible vehicle.
-Vehicle stats (and therefore eligibility in a series) are now updated correctly after upgrading the vehicle.
-Relevant bonus targets (like spin, crash out, wreck a number of cars) now accumulate during multi-heat events.

-MP: In server browser it's now shown whether the server is configured for normal or realistic damage.
-MP: In server browser, the list of servers is now only displayed after the data files have been verified.
-MP: In lobby, the maximum number of players is now displayed correctly.
-Added descriptions for all performance upgrades.
-Implemented a new pre-race screen.
-Implemented a new championship selection screen.
-A number of user-interface fixes and improvements.

-Added new engine audio for the lawnmower.
-Added new engine audio for Gremlin.
-Improved Speedeamon audio.
-Contact audio no longer keeps repeating when the vehicle is resting on its top or side.

-MP, while in lobby cars may occasionally appear falling under the scene when the track changes.
-MP,while in lobby spectating is glitched (no cars visible) if the race is not in progress.
-MP, after returning to the lobby the car may appear to be in flames if it was wrecked in the event before.

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