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  • 12.12.2020 12:47

Automobilista 2: Boxenstopp zum Update auf V1.0.6.2

Für Automobilista 2 ist ein neues Update verfügbar das unter anderem die Sprintstrecke zum Nürburgring hinzufügt und weitere Anpassungen enthält

(MST/Speedmaniacs.de) - Reiza Studios setzt zum Jahresendspurt an und hat für die PC-Rennsimulation Automobilista 2 ein weiteres unter Produktpflege einzusortierendes Update veröffentlicht.

Titel-Bild zur News: Automobilista 2

Hat das Zeug den etablierten Simulationen den Rang abzulaufen: Automobilista 2 Zoom

Wie der Zusammenfassung der Änderungen zu entnehmen ist, werden verschiedene Überarbeitungen vorgenommen und weitere Fehler behoben. Besitzer des Nürburgring-Streckenpakets dürfen sich auf die nun ebenfalls befahrere Streckenvariante Nürburgring Sprint Short freuen.

Automobilista 2 - V1.0.6.2-Changelog:
-Added Nürburgring Sprint Short layout
-UI Server Browser: Disabled refresh button during cool-down period; Sort by player count descending is now default; Trimmed leading whitespace from lobby names; first item after refreshing/sorting list is now selected
-Slow server list refresh rate and extend maximum timeout. Refresh now typically takes longer but reliably returns more servers to the UI browser page as a result.
-Added support for car livery overrides
-Fixed Stockcar 2020 Championship round 5 (Santa Cruz) missing rolling start and forced pitstop.
-Revised tire tread physics for all cars (in progress)
-Bumped steer lock range for all cars
-Minor aero adjustments for F-Vintage, Copa Truck, Procar, Group A, Opala 86, F-Retro
-F-Ultimate: raised baseline rear pressure
-Increased speed tolerance to trigger jump start penalty
-Revised FFB Max force for several cars for better consistency
-Fixed asymetrical right front damper range in Procar
-Revised suspension and bumpstop rates for Procar, Ginetta G58 (requires Set-up reset)
-Minor weight distribution adjustment for Procar, Super V8
-Improved AI performance at Ibarra
-AI callibration pass (all classes)
-Slightly increased AI roll torque stab and CoG height multiplier to minimise risk of AI cars rolling over high curbs
-Adjusted AI code to help prevent small nose to tail bumps between AI during race starts and when drafting
-AI now return to track in a safer manner after slipping or going off road
-Further reductions in AI lateral jitter / weaving / abrupt moves
-Slightly reduced bump amplitude of gravel / grass
-Several audio balancing adjustments to GT3 and P1 cars volume levels (internal and external)
-Nürburgring: Added missing wall at Breidscheid; minor art and performance pass; Completed VR cams for Nordschleife / 24H layouts
-Fixed helicopters disappearing on some tracks
-Slight tweaks to animated objects at Brands Hatch and Bathurst
-Bathurst: Slight improvements to night lights optimization; revised trackside cameras
-F-Trainer: Fixed black external mirrors
B-MW M3 E30 GroupA: Fixed windshield banner; Fixed rear wing texture error on car 02