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  • 27.03.2020 · 12:04

Automobilista 2: Beta-Änderungen und Spielinhalte

Ende März wird die PC-Rennsimulation von Reiza Studios veröffentlicht - Was sich bislang im geschlossenen Betatest getan hat, können alle Racer hier erfahren

(MST/Speedmaniacs.de) - nde März wird Reiza Studios seine PC-Rennsimulation Automobilista 2, die auf der Madness-Engine von Slightly Mad Studios basiert, veröffentlichen. Bis dahin sind es noch gut anderthalb Wochen. Für alle an AMS2 interessierten Racer die nicht am Betatest teilnehmen, gibt es nun eine Zusammenfassung der bisherigen Entwicklungsschritte einschließlich der Spielinhalte die zu den initialen Fahrzeugen und Strecken der Betaphase hinzugekommen sind.

Automobilista 2

Automobilista 2 durchläuft aktuell die Beta-Testphase Zoom

Die Protokolle der Änderungen der einzelnen Beta-Version zeigen das ganze Ausmaß an Verbesserungen, Bugfixes und Neuerungen auf und zeichnen ein Bild von den Bemühungen des Entwicklerteams zur Veröffentlichung mit einer ausgewogenen Releaseversion zu starten.

BETA2 Changelog (05/03/2020):
-Added Imola 2001

-Included initial pass of custom light HUD
-Modified custom wheel profile centering spring strength and overall FFBgain
-Fixed Seat Angle Down assignment displaying wrong label in selected state
-Fixed loading screen image misaligned on ultrawide displays
-Fixed incorrect clutch deadzone label in selected state
-Fixed incorrect text alignment on Control Scheme buttons in selected state
-Fixed typo in Visual FX help text
-Disabled input on back button of main menu
-Removed partially visible row on class selection dialog
-Fixed inconsistent label text on RulesandRegs > Drive throughs input
-Fixed misaligned button inputs on Wheel calibration screen
-Fixed wheel calibration not saving

-Modified audio output down mixer: stereo mix no longer features frequency / delay filtering for rear and side sources
-Fixed missing shift sound in F-V10
-Fixed F-Vintage G2M1 sounds
-Engine sounds panning corrected for F-V10, F-Classic G3M3, F-Classic G3M2, F-Classic G1M1, G1M2

-Added code for helper springs,
-Added AMS1-style non linear bumpstops,
-Revised all main tyre models (dry and wet compounds)
-Several default Set-up adjustments
-Revised Steering rack max forces for more consistent FFB output
-Reduced wet rolling resistance
-Fixed glitchy upshifts when using Autoclutch when running modern semi-automatic gearboxes
-Revised F-Ultimate suspension rates
-Fixed bug with MRX rear wet tyres not being available
-Adjusted manual shifting tolerance thresholds for mis-shifts with manual gearboxes

-Added custom AI Aggression scalar so global aggression levels as set by player go through a car-specific scalar for more adequate levels of AI aggression in that class
-Temporarily evened out AI performance for practice / quali / race for AI performance testing purposes
-Increased amount of AI lifting off throttle when detecting puddles
-Revised AI performance for all cars
-Adjusted AI for improved awareness and aggresion under braking (substantially reducing risk of being crashed from behind by an AI car)
-Added slight torque on roll axis for AI cars to minimise chances of AI rolling or jumping in crashes

-Updated track limit mesh for Adelaide, Casavel, Curvelo, Imola, Interlagos, Londrina, Montreal (basically cut meshes will include external curbs, astroturf and concrete extensions for more realistic tolerances)
-Visual fixes to tracks at night time: reduced brightness of ambient lighting, reduced overall reflectivity of cars and trackside objects at dusk/dawn/heavy cloud, reduced overly bloom of vehicles at night
-Reworked daytime skies and lighting (improvements still to come)
-Higher resolution textures for Light Clouds condition
-Props/assets added to Ibarra, Curitiba, Curvelo, Kyalami Historic;
-Removed balloons from Interlagos, Oulton Park, Cadwell Park.
-Fixed laps not being registered at Londrina;
-Fixed Adelaide pit entry/exit triggers
-Fixed tree shadows, reflections, tarmac materials
-Experimental FPS loss fix at Cascavel

-Mit Lancer R and RS - fixed driver feet position; gearskick animation is off until we have proper driver animation
-Puma GTE - fixed driver feet position
-F3 F301 and F309 - fixed cockpit rear tires, wheels pivots are misaligned, add rearlights
-Formula Classic G3M1 - fixed chassis plate and material naming, changed display font
-Formula Classic G3M3 - fixed revlights not working
-Formula V12 - add realights and dust pick up for tires
-SuperV8 - Fixed material error causing invisilbe bodywork on some liveries; fixed driver feet position;
-Formula Ultimate: Added rear tires, rear wing, chassis part to cockpit;
-Formula V10 - fixed roof camera position, added rain tire textures;
-Formula Vee - Corrected glass material on gauges; corrected needles position;
-Formula Trainer - fixed vertex AO for wheels and LOD A display;
-Chevette - fixed driver feet
-Caterhams: Added metallic liveries
-Ultima Race: Updated several liveries
-Metalmoro AJR: Updated liveries

BETA3 Changelog (12/03/2020):
-Added Guaporé
-Added Velo Cittá Main Layout

-Added Copa Truck Series
-Added Formula Classic Gen2 Series
-Added Kart GX390 Race
-Added Kart Gx390 Rental

-Added Beta support for Multiplayer (UI still early WIP)
-Fixed missing pitcrew animations (historical series use modern crews as placeholders)

-Fixed quit confirm menu direction (pause menu)
-Added multiplayer browser / lobby
-First pass for in-game multiplayer leaderboards/menus.
-Fixed triple screen text entry units
-Fixed best lap not correctly displayed in SP session results
-Fixed class select list auto-filling items beyond dialog bounds
-Fixed retire to pits not opening confirmation dialog
-Fixed clutch deadzone increment button modifying clutch sensitivity
-Fixed multiplayer browser 21:9 alignment
-Fixed splashcreen background alignment in 16:10 aspect

-Added all HUD modes except telemetry
-Add position/lap info full+light
-Add leaderboard to Full mode
-Pit lane messages / timer etc
-Cooldown lap messages
-Formation lap messages / position info
-Various flags/messages

-Corrected idle loops on MIT LancerR, RS, Puma P052, MCR2000, Caterham Superlight, 620R
-Adjusted attenuation curve on all cars
-Increased AI car sound volume while racing
-Fixed missing shift sounds in F-Classics: G1M1, G2M2, G3M1, G3M3, G1M1, G1M2, G2M1, G2M2
-Reverb increased slightly on all tracks.
-New start lights countdown volume increased (was too low in Beta2)
-MRX gearshift sound lowered
-Ultima Road decrease gearchange volume
-Scrape sound altered, volume buildup changed.

-Extensive revisions to all player physics
-Minor tire model adjustments (most notable is fixing excessive load stiffness increment with pressure on GT and Prototype tyres - fixes the bouncing)
-Increased effect of Pneumatic Trail on force feedback
-Reduced default steering lock in formula cars
-Further reduced wet rolling resistance
-Increased default boost in F-Classic Gen1 to 80% (from 60%)
-Fixed error with ARC Camaro tyres having larger rear tyres (all 4 now are equal)
-Adjusted FFB Steering Rack Maxforce on several cars

-Extensive revisions to all AI physics
-Adjusted AI code to minimize chances of it going off-track in avoidance of other cars
-Increased AI brake power globally
-Added AI Aggression Scalars to all cars, adjusting the player global setting to better suit the type of car / class in use
-Added some extra AI variation to generic driver personalities (for more AI action)
-Increased AI awareness paraameter

-Track penalties and surface physics/collision fixes: VIR, Ortona, Campo Grande, Goiania
-Incremental graphical/optimization update to Kyalami (more upcoming)
-More tweaks to overall weather/climate settings
-Enhanced Brands Hatch bumps in road patches (if suitable will be applied to other tracks)
-Fixed bug with Imola 2001 not registering lap 1
-Improved AI lines for Londrina and Kyalami Historic
-Added trackside cameras for Jerez

-Updated paint material for more appropriate levels of reflection for each car
-Updated Copa Uno Cockpit
-Added new liveries for Ultima Race, F-Reiza, Old Stock, Metalmoro MRX
-SuperV8: Fixed car shadow, cockpit holes, lights

A complementary update was deployed on March 13th featuring the following changelog:
-Added System menu
-Minor text and art corrections

-Implemented remaining warnings/messages
-Fixed text in lap/session duration unit.
-Fixed leaderboard 'PIT' marker text showing player name

-Adjusted rotation logic for older wheels with low lock and gamepads

-Further revisions to all F-Classic models (fixing initial Beta3 problems with Gen2 cars)
-Fixed kart Shifter gearbox
-Revised all turbo engines
-Reduced 2mm from tread of F-Classic and F-V10 tyres
-Slightly increased drafting effects
-Fixed crashes when loading ARC Caamro and Metalmoro MRX cars
-Increased side buffer for AI cars to minimize issues in a pack of cars (specially towards the first corner)
-Corrected AI damper multipliers which could lead to some AI cars rolling during heavy cornering
-Further adjusting to custom AI Aggression scalars

-Ground scraping audio code adjusted (much more dynamic, also won't play if car is stopped)
-Fixed Kart Shifter sounds
-Rental kart external pitch fixed
-F-V10: scrape sound adjusted
-Caterham 620R: adjusted sound volume build up over rev range
-Small eq adjustment on interior sounds

BETA4 Changelog (21/03/2020):
-Added Imola 1972

-Initial implementation of Set-up screens (just initial fast edit and initial tab for now, to be complemented in BETA5)

-Updated pneumatic trail calculation, now equal to what we had in AMS1 resulting in higher overall rack force and self aligning torque will be different then pre beta4
-ported 1:1 ams1 surface noise values and code
-Added stoplocks for Accuforce / OSW / Simucube / Bodnar and other custom wheels (needs testing)
-Adjusted "FX" FFB effects - no longer adds "fake" road noise after porting over AMS1 surface noise code - FX now adds engine vibe (modelled from crankshaft angular rotation) and tyre scrub (as an actual frequency coming from STM)
-Removed redundant "flavour" FFB profiles, renamed as "TYPE" with only two options (Default / Custom)

-Doubled tyre tread and width resolution in tyre model
-Further revisions to tread and carcass load stiffnes for several tyres
-Revised F-Vintage drivetrain
-Adjusted brake torque of formula cars
-Adjusted rain tyres (to be complemented in BETA5)
-Adjusted gearbox damage and timings (to be complemented in BETA5)
-Revised driving aids functionality and gamepad sensitivity multipliers (to be complemented in BETA5)

-Various AI performance adjustments
-Added AI Start variable to balance AI standing start performance vs player (only for cases where AI could launch much faster - this will be expanded in a future build to improve AI launch performance in cars that needs higher revs off the line)
-Further adjusted AI Aggression scalars for anything that isnt a F1 car

-Fixed some loop issues in F-Vintage V8 engines e
-Fixed FClassic V8 missing external sound in chase view
-Added ambient audio effects to all tracks
-Lowered some impact sounds volume
-Removed spotter voice when leaving pits

-Kyalami Historic art and physics pass
-Adjusted tarmac shader with added ambient reflections
-Adjusted crowd shader
-Small tweaks to atmosphere/sky
-Physics / track limit revisions to Cascavel, Interlagos Brands Hatch
-Adjusted night lights and added props to several tracks
-Revised Adelaide Historic AI paths

-Updated Copa Uno steering wheel mesh
-Mitsubishi Lancer R: add LODs, add windscreen reflection
-Mitsubishi Lancer RS: add windscreen reflection
-More liveries added and updated for F-Classic Gen2, F-Reiza, Old Stock, Ultima Race, MRX, AJR cars

IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend all users, specially those with DD wheels to configure their FFB strentgh to lower values before launching BETA4, and increase them as they find suitable. The new pneumatic trail formula makes self-alining torque a lot more pronounced, which can make the wheel snap if your settings for BETA3 are a bit on the heavy side.

We also fixed an issue that was causing road and curbs to be less perceptible, so FX settings no longer enhance such forces, but only add vibration for engine, transmission and scrub. If you want a more pure FFB you may want to start by zeroeing out FX and experiment with small increments

BETA5 Changelog:
-Implemented suspension Set-up screen
-Added Anti-roll bar settings to quick Set-up
-Fixed unselected label on advanced Set-up button

-Further tyre model revisions
-Revised body aero drag for all cars
-Fixed bug in which cars with a single all-weather compound would crash loading a raining session
-Adjusted F-Ultimate throttle map and fixed balk torque
-Fixed missing curb noise on some curb types

-Revised pneumatic trail values and max steering rack force for each car (minor adjustments may still be required)

-Fixed and adjusted range of AI throttle application for each car, improving performance balance vs player out of corners (function was fixed but not tuned in BETA4 causing a lot of misbehavior)
-Adjusted AI to mitigate excessive number of T1 incidents (not enough, more to come)
-Bumped up AI Aggression slightly for all cars, following further adjustments for behaviorial changes on aggression scale

-Sprint Race V6: fixed pops and clicks on interior sounds.

-Art passes for Imola and Imola 1972, Kyalami Historic, Donington, Interlagos, Montreal
-Adjusted Weather/climate values,
-Fixed start trigger at Interlagos which could first place to miss a lap on start
-Updated Donington_GP TV cams
-Added enhanced 3D road patch parameters to Donington, Kyalami Historic, Montreal

-Fixed scaling error in Opala 3D model
-Kart GX390 Race - fixed steering wheel axis
-Formula V12 - fixed graphics glitch; RPM light, brakedisc glow, updated rear light

-Added Roco 01 to P4 Class

-Added Set-up List page
-Implemented options to manually saving/loading Set-ups
-Fixed Reset to Default button on Quick Set-up screen not working
-Removed Restart button from Multiplayer session menus
-Fixed menu activation/navigation in replay screen
-Added controller navigation to quick Set-up screen
-Fixed controls screen displaying when returning from custom event Set-up overview
-Fixed alignment + colour of delete button in Set-up list
-Added autosave help text
-Added in-session Options screens for Gameplay, Controls, Camera, Audio, VR

-Revised physics for GX390 Race and Rental
-Metalmoro MRX: Adjusted front suspension geometry and fixed clutch (mostly causing slow starts for the AI)
-Adjusted default tyre pressure and ranges for all cars (may require resetting old Set-ups)
-Added initial driving aids and gamepad sensitivity values to all cars

-Fixed AI behavior towards first corner on race start (no longer crashing all the time)
-Fixed AI throttle application values for several cars (adjusting performance out of corners)
-Revised several AI behavior parameters to improve racing ability
-Extensive callibration to the AI performance on several cars

-Disabled birds in external view.
-Sprint race: Fixed missing some samples from previous buld
-Adjusted volume for MRX Honda on chase view
-F3: engine pan lowered.

-Imola 2019: Further fixes and art pass + added 3d road patches
-Imola 1988 Art Pass
-Oulton Park: Minor fixes + added 3d road patches
-Montreal Increased AI performance for both layouts
-Spielberg: Added 3d road patches
-Updated TV cams for Azure and Adelaide

-Updated and new liveries for Opala Old Stock, AJR and Ultima Race

EDIT for minor update on 26/03
-Added First pass for Vehicle Showroom screen

-Added adjustable steering lock ranges
-Fixed Traction Control default setting that could cause TC not to work or to cap the throttle altogether when the aid was turned on
-Increased AI roll torque stab to minimize rolling in wheel-to-wheel contact
-Adjusted max FFB force for SuperV8, ARC Camaro and MIT Lancers

-Spielberg Historic/Vintage: Several fixes, added 3d road patches
-Oulton Park: Several bug fixes

-Switched AJR Powertec to V6 Turbo (still needs a physics update)
-Fixed Roco class (moved up to P3)
-removed legacy logos from drivers and pitcrew suits

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