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rFactor 2: Januar 2023-Releasekandidat steht bereit

Simracer können jetzt die ersten Verbesserungen für rFactor 2 in 2023 mit der Veröffentlichung der Januar 2023-Releasekandidatversion selbst testen

(MST/Speedmaniacs.de) - Bevor das Quartal 1-Release im Februar erfolgt, hat Studio 397 die Januar 2023-Releasekandidatversion bereitgestellt mit der Simracer die kommenden Verbesserungen in rFactor 2 vorab testen können.

Titel-Bild zur News: rFactor 2

Das nächste reguläre Quartalsupdate für rFactor 2 wird derzeit vorbereitet Zoom

Das neue Build enthält eine Reihe von Änderungen das Verhalten der Kernsimulation von rFactor 2 betreffend. Diese reichen von Cinematics rund um Broadcasting und Kameranutzung bis hin zu einem neuen Fotomodus, Grafikverbesserungen und einer völlig neuen Funktionsweise des Paketmanagementsystems.

Die neuen Spielinhalte wird das Entwicklerstudio zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt bekanntgeben.

rFactor 2 - Januar 2023-Releasekandidat (Client: 10369103):
-Track Limits: reduced sensitivity to switching paths, such as near the pit lane entrance, and reduced strict penalty points for an invalid pit lane to main path change from Drive Through to 1 point.

-Added soft blend when changing selected vehicle
-Added ability to hold current camera
-Added ability to pause car tracking. Pressing the SHIFT key whilst this is enabled will reset tracking to the closest point the tracking is paused at.
-Added camera group tracking for cars traveling close together, by default in race sessions only.
-Allow the previous laps S/F line camera to remain valid when using cycle method. This allows for different cameras over the start finish line.
-Reduced strength of shake effect on cameras with this enabled.
-Allowed zooming in / out / reset on TV Cameras with out any extra modes being enabled. Optionally allowed this to persist after changing cameras.
-Added acceleration and deceleration to Freelook for smoother movement.
-Added the ability to load custom cameras from UserdataCameras

Photo Mode
-Split out from Freelook camera adjustments (aperture, exposure, focus) options to a separate Photo Mode.
-Photo Mode allows configuration of visual settings, in addition to the usual Freelook options. However is not available when driving.
-UI to be added

-Improved visual progression of wet road with a more linear progression.
-Added new IBL Water Shader which uses SSR for more accurate reflections.
-Added motion blur.
-Live TV Screens: Added option to disable, Fixed aspect ratio when running non 16:9 resolutions, Improved shader visually.
-Forced use of high power GPU on devices with multiple GPUs (i.e. Laptops).

-Fixed being able to set race laps to below 2 in single player session settings.
-Fixed the singleplayer quick event page layout being broken sometimes on page load.
-Added new "Cinematic cameras" tab in Settings > Assign controls
-This tab holds new cinematic settings along with previously existing assignable controls
-Renamed "Cameras and seat" tab to "Driving cameras and seat" and re-organized the assignable controls

Package Management
-New system to allow store items to be unsubscribed / resub scribed through the UI
-Packages can be download in the background without blocking the UI
-Packages in the content management are grouped by workshop or store item
-The install UI can be minimized when downloading content

-Added PBR Debug Tool for Mod Dev and Scene Viewer. This allows artists to debug the component outputs of the PBR pipeline.
-Added IBL Water Shader which uses SSR for reflections
-Fixed occasional glitchy car tracking in camera editor
-Updated ModDev to load RCD files from Vehicle folders
AI Editor Improvements:
-Allow the removal of multiple paths in one go
-More consistent AIW path adjustments
-Fixed editing of pit paths wp positions
-Fixed updating of path positions when editing waypoint positions

Known issues
-Workshop / store item headers are named incorrectly
-Installing items from the content page requires a second request to install via the "updates" page
-Cancel updates button is unresponsive
-Motion blur does not work without SSR set to medium or higher
-If your game is stuck on checking for updates, please delete try deleting userdata/player/localstorage folder

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