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  • 05.10.2019 · 11:04

KartKraft: Customisation-Update und viele weitere Optimierungen

Die PC-Gokart-Rennsimulation KartKraft hat das lange erwartete Customisation-Update erhalten, zusätzlich gibt es vielen weitere Verbesserungen

(MST/Speedmaniacs.de) - Für KartKraft-Fans gibt es nun wieder gute Neuigkeiten, denn BlackDelta hat am Donnerstag, 3. Oktober mit der Verteilung des Customisation-Updates begonnen. Damit sind nun die ersten Ausrüstungsgegenstände von AIM, Arai, Alpinestars, KG und Oryx verfügbar. Wer sein Gokart gleich anpassen möchte, kann dies über die Box nach Auswahl des Karts und Set-ups durch Aufruf des Teilemenüs tun.


Für die Gokarts sind jetzt die ersten Zubehörteile verfügbar Zoom

Natürlich ist das noch nicht alles. Mit dem Update wird von der AI über die Sounds bis zum VR-Support in vielen Bereichen optimiert und korrigiert. Die Details zu den Änderungen können der nachfolgenden Zusammenfassung entnommen werden.

KartKraft-Changelog 03.10.2019:
-Improved AMSP flying lap start
-AI drivers now have their correct race numbers

-Added audio for gear shifts
-Improved tyre scrub sounds under braking
-Fixed crossfade settings for blending on/off throttle audio for the KZ
-Fixed incorrect non-stereo samples being used for on throttle audio for the kZ
-Prevented IAME KZ Screamer idle sound from playing when stalled

-Auto-clutch assist is now much smoother
-Removed KZ throttle lift aid. The throttle must now be lifted when performing a shift

-Added presets for Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 Wheel and Fanatec Clubsport V3 Pedals
-Increased controller vibration from tyre sliding
-Generic wheel presets now auto-assign Respawn to Spacebar by default

-You can now set your race number in the profile screen
-Added customisable leaderboard tag lines in the profile screen
-Fixed problem of navigation looping around incorrectly in some cases
-Protected against a possible crash when selecting race again after a Quick Race

-Reduced head movement under longitudinal acceleration
-Driver no longer clips through the seat when subject to large vertical accelerations
-Added option to enable HDR output to the settings for HDR compatible displays
-Fixed inverted animation on clutch paddles for KZ chassis

-Fixed a crash when showing/hiding vehicle radar while in game
-Camera cycle button no longer causes camera jump in main menu
-Race winner notification moved away from centre of screen
-Sector times are now displayed on HUD in Practice and Time Trial
-Fixed live timing HUD widget first place showing up as red delta time.
-The invalid lap HUD widget now displays correctly in minimal leaderboard mode

-Improved GPU performance in races with a large number of AI

-Fixed bug in chain simulation to cause engine angular velocity to increase in large step sizes after long runs
-Reduced clutch spring stiffness in the IAME KZ Screamer
-Exposed front torsion bar stiffness as Set-up parameter
-Reduced chassis stiffness

-Gear shifts and the gear number is now visible in the replay
-Improved replay camera target tracking
-Fixed problem of FFB occurring while viewing a replay

-VR spectator screen now draws HUD and menus as 2D overlays
-Improved VR loading screen
-VR HUD appears in correct position in both SteamVR and Oculus
-Menus are now drawn via compositor, so they are more crisp and unaffected by post processing

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