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  • 24.04.2020 · 16:22

RaceRoom Racing Experience: Neue Version

Nach der Anfang April erfolgten Aktualisierung von RaceRoom Racing Experience ist mittlerweile eine neue Version gefolgt von zwei kleinen Updates veröffentlicht worden

(MST/Speedmaniacs.de) - Schon vor ein paar Tagen hat das Sector3 Studios-Team seiner PC-Rennsimulation RaceRoom Racing Experience ein zweites großes Update im April spendiert.

RaceRoom Racing Experience FIA WTCR 2019

Im April hat Sector3 Studios gleich mehrfach bei RaceRoom Hand angelegt Zoom

Die neue Versionsnummer lautet und bringt klassische Fehlerkorrekturen bei Fahrzeugen, Strecken und Klassen und Verbesserungen des AI-Verhaltens. Dem rund 600 MB großen Update von V0.9.0.935 auf V0.9.0.937 sind bereits zwei kleinere Updates gefolgt die mit 70 MB und 100 KB nicht größer ins Gewicht fallen.

RaceRoom - V0.9.0.937-Hotfix-2-Changelog:
-This update addresses some content server errors noticed yesterday.

RaceRoom - V0.9.0.937-Hotfix-Changelog:
-New set of trackside banners for the Porsche competitions

RaceRoom - V0.9.0.937-Changelog:
-Reduced grip loss from having grass on your tyres.
-Reduced grass bumpiness and rolling resistance properties.
-Fixed an issue in championship game mode where AI could be seen not always leaving the pits during practice and qualifying sessions
-Fixed the data display used in cars such as the Callaway C7 that would fail to show the tyre wear percentage under a certain level as the background turned into the same color as the lettering.
-Further improvements to AI behaviour in banked corners
-Simucube support - Reduced Stationary friction for Simucube 2 default profiles
-Simucube support - Previously reported as a known issue, the bug where forces would continue to be applied even after pressing ESC is gone.
-DTM 03, 05, 14, 15, 16 - Improvements to gearshift timers and drivetrain oscillations.
-Group 4 and Procar - Updated default gear ratios for certain tracks
-GT3 - Porsche 911 GT3 R (2019) - Fixed low fuel warning on the data display that was wrongly showing a low battery state of charge. Fixed a wrong spelling of "Mannheim" on liveries Nr17 and Nr18.
-GT4 - Tweaks to AI behaviour to reduce occurences of AI's losing control
-WTCR - Fixed mirrored logos on Alfa Romeo's driver gloves
-WTCR - Improved visibility of the CUPRA brakelights
-Hungaroring - Improved AI behaviour around certain corners.
-Ningbo - Fixed the broken cut detection that was previously reported as a known issue.
-Nordschleife - Improved AI behaviour around certain corners.
-Scandinavia Raceway (Anderstorp) - Improved AI behaviour around certain corners.
-Zhejiang - Fixed a waypoint for AI to make sure they behave correctly during a rolling start

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