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  • 04.04.2020 · 12:12

Automobilista 2: Infos zu Early Access-Version, Änderungsübersicht

Automobilista 2 ist verfügbar - was sich bei der PC-Rennsimulation bis zur Early Access-Version getan hat, was Gamer wissen und beachten müssen plus Screenshots

(MST/Speedmaniacs.de) - Seit Dienstag, 31. März 2020 ist Automobilista 2 als Early Access-Version auf Steam verfügbar. Damit erhalten Gamer weltweit, die in Zeiten von Corona zu Hause bleiben müssen und auf Grund von Ausgangsbeschränkungen Abwechslung suchen, die Möglichkeit sich mit der neuen PC-Rennsimulation von Reiza Studios vertraut zu machen. Angeboten wird Automobilista 2 bei Steam derzeit für 26.99 EUR.

Automobilista 2

AMS 2 kann als Early Access mit leichten Einschränkungen seit dieser Woche gespielt werden Zoom

Wer lieber auf die ausgereifte Version 1.0 warten, sich aber dennoch über die Entwicklungsfortschritte informieren möchte, findet weiter unten die Übersicht mit allen Änderungen die seit der Betaversion 7 bis zur RC1-Version vorgenommen worden sind und in der Automobilista 2-Galerie die neuesten Screenshots.

Eine Early Access-Version bedeutet, dass es sich um ein noch nicht fehlerfreies und von den Features her vollständiges Spiel handelt. So fehlen zum Beispiel der Time Trial- und Championshipmodus. Laut Entwicklerstudio sollen diese "innerhalb der ersten Wochen der Early Access verfügbar werden". Die mit der initialen RC1-Version verbundenen bekannten Probleme und Einschränkungen benennt Reiza Studios ebenfalls.

Bekannte Probleme und Einschränkungen der Early Access:
-UI and HUD are still deep in development, and currently feature the essentials for all game modes to work - this will be expanded with new options and features over the course of EA, with same pages being completely redesigned.
-Early Access is exclusively in English for the time being; Localization to other languages should only be added in time for the full Release.
-Driver names, suits and helmets are generic for all series as the whole system is being reestructured (also part of requirements for a revamped Opponents settings and the Custom Championship Tool);
-All 3D driver animations are still placeholders and may not fully fit the car yet;
-Other Car-related 3D animations have not been exported which mean suspension arms are graphically static, damage is very limited and wiper are not operational
-Some series still have WIP or placeholder liveries - these will be updated or expanded over the course of Early Access

Darüber hinaus gibt es die Info, dass die Force Feedback-Einstellungen für Lenkräder der G2X-Reihe von Logitech abgestimmt worden sind. Spieler die Lenkräder anderer Hersteller und mit leistungsstärkeren FFB-Motoren nutzen sollten die Grundeinstellungen entsprechend für sich anpassen.

Wer an der AMS2 Early Backing Campaign teilgenommen hat, findet in der Steamspielebibliothek zwei AMS2-Apps: Beta und Main Release. Reiza Studios hat angekündigt, dass beide Apps in den ersten Tagen, zumindest aber bis zum ersten AMS2-Beta-Update, auf dem gleichen Stand sein werden. Abhängig von der Bedeutung der Updates, zum Beispiel bei kritischen Verbesserungen, behält man sich die Aktualisierung beider Versionen vor.

Für alle die hauptsächlich offline fahren gibt es laut Entwicklerstudio "keinen Grund die Main Release von AMS 2 zu installieren". Stattdessen empfiehlt man weiter die AMS2-Beta zu verwenden. Wer plant auch online Rennen zu fahren oder den Time Trial-Modus zu nutzen, sobald dies möglich ist, muss hingegen das Main Release installieren.

-Updated Showroom scene
-Enabled steering lock setting in Set-up page
-Added drivetrain Set-up page
-fixed menu direction on some tabs
-Fixed invisble front 3rd spring bumpstop input
-First pass to loading screen redesign

-Minor tyre compound revisions for all tyres
-Updated MRX to latest spec sheets and fit proper engines to each variant
-Reduced shift delays in manual cars (when shifting with paddles)
-Fine tuned FFB values for several cars

-Adjusted AI consistency spread
-Further performance tuning for dry and wet tyres

-Adjusted Attenuation range for all engines
-MCR2000, Caterham Superlight high RPM looping improved (still needs polishing)
-F-Classic G3M1 interior sound samples mixing adjusted.

-Further adjustments to tarmac ambient reflections
-Fixed bumpy concrete runoffs, adjusted curb noise and slightly reduced resistance from gravel traps
-Revised 3d patchs for Donington

-F301: fixed rear tires pivot points
-F-Reiza: fixed LOD C wheels disappearing
-Ultima Race: Improved metal and plastic materials
-MetalMoro AJR: Fixed steering wheel size, external side mirrors, windscreen material
-StockV8: Improved windscreen and mirror material
-F-Classic G3: Added rear light glow
-F-Vintage: Adjusted liveries to better suit each model
-Copa Uno: Added 2 community liveries

-Snetterton 200 layout added + Art pass and fixes

-Updated showroom scene

-Fixed tyre tread resolution error that caused incorrect pressure readings
-Adjusted AI throttle application
-Adjusted FFB for AJR, StockV8, MRX, MCR, Roco
-Further revised MRX physics revisions for all variants
-Completed AJR V6 Turbo physics
-Slightly improved AI brake force and grip
-Upped AI personality aggression range
-Increased coefficient for paying track limit penalties by slowing down (pays faster)
-Lap times no longer invalidated with crashes in all sessions but time trial

-Added Fusca model to Copa Classic FL and Uno to Copa Classic B classes

UI and HUD
-Updated Showroom scene
-Multiplayer lobby list now displays Class in use or 'multi-class' instead of host name
-Sorted kart models into their own separate classes
-Fixed menu direction on some tabs of in-game controls menu
-Fixed invisible front third spring bumpstop setting
-Added monitor screen to spectate sessions
-Added time acceleration info and button in Session overview
-Added monitor + skip to end buttons to Simulation screen
-Added session countdown to more in-game screens
-Fixed aspect ratio of classes on opponent select dialogs
-Several presentation updates (WIP)
-Added "Immersion II" soundtrack to User Interface

-Slightly laxed calculations for gaining advantage by going off-track
-Lap time no longer invalidated by contact
-Doubled the amount of time to be kicked due to inactivity (30 to 120)

-Revised all cars for minor adjustments to tyres, default Set-up, damage properties and FFB values
-Initial BoP review to balance performance of cars within each class (more work needed)
-Adjusted Set-up ranges for better consistency and disabled redundant fast damper ranges for cars that don´t feature it
-Slightly reduced aero effects in drafting
-Slightly reduced downshift delays

-Complete AI revision, fixing most notable discrepancies in performance vs player at 100% difficulty (more extreme ends of the AI strentgh range still needs further testing)
-Added small amount of AI performance drop on cold tyres;
-Increased AI aggression scalars for more racey behavior
-Increased AI awareness factor to minimise issues with AI hitting player into corners (may still happen if speed difference between player and AI is too high)

-Further fine tuning to climate profiles
-Slightly increased rumblestrip noise
-Snetterton: Various fixes and optimization to bring both layouts to release status
-Donington: flag position fixes

-Formula Vintage Gen1: Added LODs (fixing disappearing models at lower settings):
-MetalMoro AJR: Adjusted driver animation for new steering wheel
-Ultima GTR Road - Changed driver animation to manual shifter~; gauge texture correction, added speedometer
-Formula Trainer: Fixed wheel dimensions
-Kart GX390: Fixed RPM led range
-Kart Rental - Adjusted protective belt size
-Sprint Race Fixed cockpit windscreen
-Copa Truck: Fixed cockpit mirrors
-Super V8 - Fixed cockpit mirrors; removed obsolete liveries
-Formula V10 - Fixed rain tires
-Formula Classic G1M2 - Fixed low level LOD causing car to disappear in the distance
-Superkart: Fixed RPM led range
-Caterham Supersport - Fixed LOD D, Tachometer
-Formula Vee - Added speedometer and RPM warning light
-Formula Classic G3M3: Updated display background
-Formula V12: Added new liveries to complete the field
-Old Stock: Added remaining liveries to complete the field

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