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  • 29.02.2020 · 14:07

Assetto Corsa Competizione: Hotfix V1.3.7 und Updateübersicht

Kunos Simulazioni hat im Februar kontinuierlich weiter Assetto Corsa Competizione verbessert und jüngst das Hotfix auf Version 1.3.7 veröffentlicht

(MST/Speedmaniacs.de) - Für das hinter Assetto Corsa Competizione stehende Team war der Monat Februar geprägt von jeder Menge Arbeit. Zusammen mit dem gerade erschienenen Hotfix auf Version 1.3.7, welches kleinere Korrekturen und Anpassungen beinhaltet, wurde eine Übersicht zu allen Updates im zweiten Monat des Jahres zur Verfügung gestellt.

Assetto Corsa Competizione

Wurde im Februar fortlaufend aktualisiert: Assetto Corsa Competizione Zoom

Die Liste der Änderungen zeigt dabei das Ausmaß der Überarbeitungen auf und benennt die einzelnen Punkte die sich seit Version 1.3.1 geändert haben. Während einige Versionsnummern von der Anzahl der Maßnahmen übersichtlich kurz sind, fallen andere umfangreicher aus. So sticht die Version 1.3.3 mit zahlreichen Anpassungen in nahezu allen wichtigen Bereichen hervor.

Assetto Corsa Competizione - V1.3.7-Changelog:
-Mercedes and Porsche (non-Evo) fuel estimations fixed for Paul Ricard and Monza in the aggressive preset.
-Fixed AI driver stint protection in saved games to avoid forcing the AI to do a pitstop after driver swaps.
-Fixed Stability Control saving inconsistently for values between 0 and 100%.
-MP: Added assistRules.json for non-public servers.
-MP: Updated server admin handbook to version 7c.
-MP: Minor improvements for values written into the result.json file.

Assetto Corsa Competizione - V1.3.6-Changelog:
-Fixed AI cars repeatedly pitting in race weekend game modes.
-Fixed occasional stuttering using the opponent visibility setting against AI cars.
-Set-up UI and functionality bugs and fixes

Assetto Corsa Competizione - V1.3.5-Changelog:
-MP: Fixed total driving time counter behaviour in MP.
Now total driving time correctly freezes on pit entry and resumes on pit exit.
-Minor fix to the time multiplier display on session summary.
-Stint timer is now linked to the timing HUD when auto-repositioning.

Assetto Corsa Competizione - V1.3.4-Changelog:
-Fixed inconsistent F6 cameras for some of the Evo cars.
-Driver stint message now correctly follows if maximum driving time left is shorter than the current stint time.
-Fixed "Max Time Left" widget behaviour in single-car sessions.
-MP: Fixed visual damage not resetting for swapped cars with repair
-MP: Added live electronics settings transferring across swaps (TC, ABS, BBias, Map).
-MP: Added new chat command to hand over the car during FP and Q sessions:
"§swap X" (where X is the number of the target driver in the team list; 1 selects the first entry).
NOTE: the player giving away the car in the garage screen must not press the Set-up button!
-Rating: Fixed wrong rating data when loading savegames or swapping into cars.

Assetto Corsa Competizione - V1.3.3-Changelog:
-Fixed frame drops after a set amount of sessions, causing lower performance after multiple sessions for some users.

-Fixed AI tyre wear in saved games.
-Fixed a bug related to track surfaces when loading a saved game resulting in pitstop and stint timer issues.
-Cutting last chicane in Suzuka now invalidates the next lap.
-Cutting last chicane in Suzuka during the first lap after a short formation lap will now trigger the penalty as intended.
-12H race weekend game mode now has a limit of 15 tyresets.
-Fixed a bug with Superpole game mode, allowing the player to set more than 2 fast laps.
-Wrong lap remaining value corrected for SG penalty for pitlane speeding.

-Fixed numberplate appearence in gallery replays of MP sessions.
-Suzuka reflection map position update to remove unwanted green tint.

-Audiocomms text message category and priority tweaks.
-ECU setting changes (TC, ABS etc.) now have their own race comms category.
-Time multiplier is now displayed in session summary page both in SP and MP.
-Added Championship replay category.
-Updates to driver stint messages and message behaviour.

-NSX engine power adjustments.
-Mount Panorama grip adjustments.
-Suzuka asphalt abrasivity (tyre degradation) adjustments.
-Fix for occasional Set-up corruption that caused a broken car state.
-Fixed car spawn issues in certain conditions.

-Server result.json now writes metaData, serverName and sessionType as intended.
-Fixed an incompability with the allowAutoDQ setting, causing post race penalties not being applied when enabled.
-Re-enabled driver stint time and total driving time rules for non-public MP.
-Re-enabled isRaceLocked, so joining races can be allowed again.
-Client should now handle all disconnect scenarios properly.
-Various improvements for driver swaps and spectator mode:
-Stint and driving time rules now work reliably in swap situations.
-Mandatory pit stop rules now work reliably in swap situations.
-Penalties now transfer correctly across clients in swap situations.
-Prevented server misconfiguration that led to join order relevance.
-Missing mandatory state update after swaps corrected.
-Tyre compound, pressure and brake strategies transfer reliably in swap situations.
-Fixed a bug that prevented the player from adjusted pressures when selecting wet tyres in the MFD on track.
-Pit crew visibility fixed for spectating client.
-Fixed swap widget disappearing for some players in multi-car sessions.

Assetto Corsa Competizione - V1.3.2-Changelog:
-Cleared leftover pit strategies from all car preset Set-ups.
-All car preset Set-ups tyreset is now set to the default set 1.
-Updated race number generator when non-unique numbers are used.
-Start procedure triggers revised for Mount Panorama.
-Added lateral position indicator when delta speed is active in scripted formation.
-Various minor livery updates.
-Added option to disable the audio driver selection to use the default OS driver:
"enableAudioDriverSelection" in moduleenabler.json.
-MP: Servers will let team members join as spectators, independently of the isRaceLocked state.
-MP: Added server admin commands /sg10, /sg20, /sg30 and /clear_all (clears all penalties from all cars).
-MP: Scripted formation reliability improvements.
-MP: Fixed entries for a special configuration of entry lists.
-MP: Server will now write .txt files into the "current" folder, which implies the logging purposes better.
NOTE: it is recommended to clear this folder.
-MP: Renamed current/setting.json to current/settings.txt.
-MP: Entrylist property defaultGridPosition is now 1-based, resulting in 1:1 grid positions (ie 1 is pole, 13 is really 13).
-MP: Fixed an issue where defaultGridPosition would always start with position 2.
-MP: Incremented the server version, please update the servers.

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