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Automobilista: Update auf V1.4.3 veröffentlicht

30. Juni 2017 - 18:24 Uhr

Von Reiza Studios gibt es für die PC-Rennsimulation Automobilista nun ein weiteres Update - Infos zu den Änderungen der nun aktuellen Version 1.4.3

Für die PC-Simulation ist jetzt das Update auf V1.4.3 am Start
© Reiza Studios

(MST/ - Für Automobilista Motorsports Simulator ist nun das Update auf V1.4.3 verfügbar. Damit hält einerseits das Hockenheim-RX-Layout Einzug, andererseits gibt es technische Verbesserungen bei dem Season Tool und Radio Spotter-Feature.

Weitere Anpassungen wurden bei der AI vorgenommen und verschiedenartige Fehler bei einzelnen Strecken und Serien beziehungsweise Fahrzeugen behoben. Auch die Unterstützung für die Steam Achievements ist nun enthalten.

Wie immer verrät das vollständige Änderungsprotokoll mehr über die Arbeit der Entwickler.

u#Automobilista - V1.4.3-Changelog:#u
-Added Hockenheim RX layout (not compatible with DynHUD at the moment)
-Integrated initial batch of Steam Achievements
-Season Tool: Improved handling of errors related to reading of series/track images; All series vehicle filters are now added to seasons (these can be further limited/customised when starting the season in game)
-Radio Spotter: Audio files now cached in memory to try prevent stutters loading the files during gameplay on some systems
-Expanded track GDB tire compound parameters to set different compound restrictions for different series, and define which of the allowed compounds AI qualifies & start race on *
-Added AIRaceCompoundSwitch parameter to series files - if set to 1 AI is forced to switch to the next tire compound allowed in a tire stop (if set to 0 or not present AI will continue on the same default compound) **
-Made softest compound default for F-Extreme. F-Reiza, F-Ultimate
-DynHUD: Added option to switch Track Map state from stactic, rotating & off (CTRL + M switches between the states)
-Replaced tacho texture in native HUD
-Revised & expanded default championship calendars for several series
-Reduced pitlane speed limit in races from 100 km/h to 80 km/h in all GP layouts to match real rules
-Fine tuned drag effects for each car, correcting some previous exaggerated values
-Fixed F-Truck & ARC Camaro wrong ID for TT leaderboards
-Fixed bug that would cause excessive AI tire wear when TireManagement parameter wasn´t present in driver RCD file (now defaults to 80, 100 being default tire compound wear)
-Fixed bug in AI tire pitstop thresholds not working causing the AI to run tires to canvas
-Fixed bug that could cause AI to slow down too much in cool down lap after checkered flag
-Global AI adjustments: Slightly reduced qualifying performance gap vs race / slightly increased AI tendency to move out of the draft from car ahead; Adjusted AI reaction to be more combative when another is close by or side by side
-Fixed AI fuel slightly over fueling in qualifying (now AI does 3-4 lap runs and takes just enough fuel in between for the next run)
-Changed AI strategy for fixing damage in pits - now AI only fixes damage when wings are missing (no longer doing long pit stops for minor bodywork fixes)
-Further fine tuning of fuel consumption & estimates for several cars
-Reduced AI performance variation in Supertruck layouts
-Adjusted tire wear & degradation rates for all compounds in F-Ultimate, F-Extreme & F-Reiza
-Brands Hatch: Fixed Safety-Car position in pit lane; Updated AI paths; updated curb textures
-Hockenheim: Disabled Safety-Car for 77 & 88 layouts
-Karts: Adjusted POV to avoid clipping with driver model
-Caterham: Fixed missing driver arms in external view for 360R models
-Montana: Fixes to pitgroups & talent files
-Mini: Fixed Celtic teams missing vehicle IDs for Time Trial
-LancerX: Moved default brake bias forward; Fixed bug with driver arms in external cameras
-F-Ultimate: Adjusted steering wheel height; Increased DRS drag reduction; Increased tires´ pneumatic trail (should make FFB slightly stronger)
-F-Truck: Updated driver suits & Gloves
-F-V10: Updated driver suits & Gloves
-F-V12: fixed sound going mute between 4-5k RPM
-Ultima: Fixed graphics glitch in headlights from external cameras
-Superkart: corrected moving arms lodout distance
-F3: fixed steering wheels LODs of F301
-MCR: fixed rpm lights and LCD glass
-Marcas: Added missing talent files; Reduced AI skill range for more consistent performance
* AI will now qualify on softest compound available in all default tracks;
** In case of modern Formula series in default tracks, AI will start on softest compound available and switch to the next in range in a tire stop


Further info regarding above changes: for ex. F-Ultimate @ Montreal, AI will now qualify and start race in UltraSoft compound; since series has AIRaceCompoundSwitch=1, AI will then switch to SuperSoft if / when it stops for tires as per 2017 compound options & strategy; If it´s a F-Extreme race @ Montreal, AI will start on SuperSoft and switch to Softs as per 2015 compound options & strategy. If it´s tracks with no compound restrictions, AI will always run the softest compound and switch to the next up in tire stop. F-Classic will qualify on qualifying tires but will always race on C race compound; if it does a tire stop it will just switch to a new C set.

Series that don´t have multiple tire compounds and / or don´t feature in the track GDB will continue using the default compound as before. Mod tracks should be updated to use this latest syntax in order to feature compound restrictions.

Important note for Logitech G29 / G920 users: Support for auto rotation has been initially implemented on a dedicated Beta Branch labeled v1.4.3_G29. Further instructions as to how to switch to a beta branch here.

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